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February 18, 2022  

Matt Pycroft | Fear, Fatherhood, and Transformative Moments in Adventure | Ep.120

February 18, 2022 

This episode's guest is Matt Pycroft, founder of Coldhouse Collective and host of the top-rated The Adventure Podcast. But these aren't the only things that define Matt. As we explore Matt's experience, background, and views, his self-awareness and honestly lead his answers from pivotal moments in his life to the level of subconscious influence his own preferences could have on his work. From tales of adventure to exploring mindset, I'm confident you'll love this episode. 

Unfortunately - and a long story made short - we had some internet issues which led to our own audio being fine (we recorded on our own ends separately), but some small background noises happening throughout the call at times as we had to chat on WhatsApp video call; things like my headset microphone tapping or hearing me laugh in his audio. Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but I hope it's not a bother for you all.


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Lastly, Between The Mountains is now presented with the British Adventure Collective! I'm super excited to announce this partnership! More information is to come on Instagram and in the next episode. 


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