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April 16, 2021  

Luc Mehl | A Life of Alaskan Adventure | Ep.98

April 16, 2021

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Luc Mehl is a lover of Alaskan wilderness and nature, with an incredible ‘adventure CV’ under his belt. Born, raised, and residing in Alaska, he has traversed the three highest mountains in North America, headed out to remote and wild regions of Alaska, and completed extreme, multi-day endurance events. For education and vacation, he has also traveled and explored places like Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Nepal. All of this while expanding his self-powered method to include hiking, biking, ice-skating, pack rafting, and skiing.

In the episode, we discuss traversing the three biggest mountains in North America, discovering – and staying well away from – the line of acceptable risk, adventures in Alaska and the Alaskan Wilderness Classics, experiencing ‘gifts’ of nature, ‘good fear’ and ‘bad fear’, the 60% rule, and so much more such as mindset and even mental health in the outdoors. 

Luc Mehl

Luc Mehl is an incredibly accomplished outdoorsman and adventurer. With such a huge ‘adventure CV’ even just for Alaska, it was a complete pleasure to have him on the show.

With the background he has, it’s no wonder that he has gone on to write his first book: The Packrafting Handbook; the definitive instructional resource for packrafting—everything you need to know to begin, improve, or assist others.

You can buy this and check out his other trips on his website here, and follow him on Instagram here.


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