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April 9, 2021  

George Vlad | The Sound of Volcanoes, Glaciers, and Rainforests | Ep.97

April 9, 2021 

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George Vlad travels to and explores wild and remote places to capture soundscapes. Doing his best to avoid man-made sounds to grasp the purest of sound, his expeditions have led him all over the world from glaciers to volcanoes - providing him with an inspiring and positive view of adventure and conservation along the way.

In this episode, we discuss unique encounters with wildlife, recording poachers and illegal mining, the importance of positivity, expeditions to capture sound, pairing sound capture with expeditions, escaping burnout of 100 hours per week to the Romanian mountains, capturing sound from glaciers to rainforests to volcanoes, and so much more! This one is a must listen.

Sitting and chatting with George was truly inspirational. Hearing all about a different approach to expeditions, his fascinating experiences with wildlife, insightful view on positivity, and cool approach to challenges has only grown the fire in me to explore, and I hope it does for you all too. 

You can follow his adventures or even join George by checking out his website here, listen to his work and soundscapes on YouTube here, or to keep up to date with his photography you can do so here. Plus Twitter and Soundcloud.

Lastly, I mention in the podcast two other shows George has featured on which explore the technical aspect more. They are here, both are great:


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