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April 2, 2021  

Ep.96 - From Adventure Travel to First Ascents with Rebecca Coles

April 2, 2021 

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Rebecca Coles has led expeditions, travelled, and climbed on all 7 continents and in over 70 countries. Her experience ranges right from overland travel from Nepal to the UK, to first ascents, and a love for mountaineering from little old Wales to big and huge peaks. 

In this episode we discuss we explore her huge depth and width of knowledge, talking about being the first all-women's team to climb the 4000m peaks in the alps, tackling first ascents in your comfort zone, pushing into the uncomfortable on well known terrain, dealing with the cold and why you should take 4 pairs of gloves to Scotland, why Rebecca adventures, and so much more! 

Rebecca Coles 

Rebecca is an extremely accomplished mountaineer, as you may already know and will definitely hear in the interview. You can follow her adventures on her Instagram, check out some tips and writing on her website, and even sign up to her Patreon to receive tailored support and advice to your mountaineering and outdoors needs. 


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