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March 19, 2021  

Ep.94 - Travel, The Outdoors, and Achieving Your Passions with Kierra Summer

March 19, 2021 

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Kierra Summer is a travel photographer coming out of Alberta, Canada. With her unique entry in to this lifestyle, Kierra has worked and manifested her way towards her view of success. Having built an engaged and brilliant following, Kierra only builds more and more on to her beautiful photography and travel CV. 

In this episode we talk about doing what you love, a free trip to Costa Rica, a dodgy experience from saying "yes" to everything, absorbing the knowledge of others, building an engaging audience and staying consistent, Kierra's travel history, summer hikes in Canada, fast-track exploring countries in Europe, getting fired up for the work as well as the end-goal, van life, gender stereotypes, Alberta and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, unique and quiet Canadian mountain ranges, having no expectations with travel, living in the moment vs. capturing the moment, balancing the future and the present, manifestation, creating your opportunities, and of course: positivity.   

Kierra Summer 

Having Kierra on the show was an utter delight. Her passion and love for travel and photography really shines through, and I hope you all get something out of the episode.  

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