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March 5, 2021  

Project 282 | Continuously Climbing 282 Mountains, Self-Powered | Ep.92

March 5, 2021 

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One lovely summer, Emily Scott decided to take on an epic adventure: she was going to climb all 282 Munros, continuously. Emily took on the challenge with the image of a 'pure', self-powered journey, in one go of 120 days - the fantastic carbon footprint was just a plus!

In this episode we talk about balancing your social life with the outdoors, preparing for adventures, type 2 weather, beautiful Scotland, and the culture shock from almost complete isolation for 4 months straight to the city.

Emily Scott

Emily was a brilliant guest, with an even better adventure CV. With so much still yet to chat about (hint) I know you’ll all love to follow along her adventures. You can check out her Instagram here, or better yet check out the British Adventure Collective.



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