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February 5, 2021  

Ep.88 - Aiming For Everest and Beyond with Bonita Norris

February 5, 2021 

Bonita Norris is a truly inspiring woman and role model for many. With a unique and admirable story behind her climb of Everest, she has gone on to be the youngest British woman to summit Everest and reach the North Pole.

Not only that, but with a huge mountaineering experience and background, we talk about mindset and taking control of your life. Read on and listen to find out more!

Bonita Norris

It was such a pleasure and inspiration to have Bonita on the podcast. You can follow her blog here or follow her on Instagram here.

Also, I highly recommend that you check out her book “The Girl Who Climbed Everest“! I couldn’t put it down. A fantastic, motivational, and captivating read.


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