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January 15, 2021  

Holly Budge | Skydiving Everest, Himalayan Mountaineering, and More | Ep.85

January 15, 2021 

Holly Budge is an incredible adventurer with a CV spanning the globe. Holly was the first person to skydive above Everest, she has ridden and raced semi-wild horses across Mongolia, and taken to mountaineering from the crevasses of Mount Rainier to the North Col of Mount Everest. 

Some of her most important work, though, is the conservation effort that Holly puts in to save elephants. 96 elephants are poached each day, and Holly's work alongside rangers with non-gory exhibitions is helping to reduce that number. 

Holly Budge 

Having Holly on the show was a total pleasure. The passion and experience she has for adventure and the world really shines through, and I hope you hear that in the podcast. 

With a background like hers, it's also no wonder that she is a speak too. You can check out more of Holly's work with her own personal website here

Her work alongside and supporting rangers and communities is incredible, and I highly recommend you check out her work and support if you can. With endorsements from people like David Attenborough, you really can't go wrong here! 


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