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December 18, 2020  

Ep.81 - Ski Mountaineering in the Lyngen Alps with TJ David

December 18, 2020  

TJ David is, on paper, a professional skier and trail runner. In real life he is even more than that! Talking about quite possibly his favourite ski mountaineering expedition, hear TJ talk about his time in the Lyngen Alps, Norway taking in the breath-taking mountains reaching straight out of the fjords!

Hitting some popular and some untouched slopes, and finishing the day with beer in a small hut in the snow, TJ dives in to this expedition and will absolutely captivate you as you instinctively start booking your next ski trip!

TJ David – More Than Just Ski Mountaineering

TJ asks his clients a lot about their “WHY”‘s. In the interviewI turned the question on to him.

There’s is so much to this personal level of reasoning and spirit. But what TJ touches upon – which I think it silently very inspirational – is his love for the daily process of improving a little bit, every single day. Making those small steps that over time produce the big picture goal. Having that long-term goal.

What is your long-term goal?

TJ is an incredible individual, with so much to give. You can check out his coaching herehis Instagram here, and more information on himself here.


You can read his own account of this expedition, and few more stunning photographs, by clicking here.

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