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December 11, 2020  

Jenny Wordsworth | The South Pole, Ultra Running, The 7 Summits, and More | Ep.80

December 11, 2020

Jenny Wordsworth is a dedicated, focussed, and tenacious outdoor athlete, who’s most well known accomplishment was becoming the 8th woman to solo ski and reach the South Pole after 44 days. After the first five hundred miles, she continued to do this and complete this task while have a massively debilitating leg injury.

She is a lawyer, professional endurance athlete, keynote speaker, brand ambassador for Atkins, on North Face explorer’s team, and a Polar Ambassador to the UK. Jenny has travelled and raced some of the toughest and longest races endurance events in the world from the arctic to the desert. From this, she has built a huge backing to her name.

Before We Start

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Jenny Wordsworth

Jenny was a brilliant guest to have on the show, and I know you’re going to love the episode.

If you want to follow along her journey, you can check out her website here, or her Instagram here. I can’t recommend enough that you give her a follow!


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