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November 27, 2020  

Will Copestake | Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, and More | Ep.78

November 27, 2020

Will has cycled between all 282 Munros and climbed them, solo-circumnavigated the Scottish coastline by sea kayak, completed the Coldest Corbett Challenge, and regularly completes  expeditions in Patagonia. 

Will's first adventure, though, starts at 12 years old. After a fantastic outdoor upbringing in North West Scotland, during the peak of Ray Mears' influence, Will was 'cast-away' by his parents with a few friends overnight. From there, Will has gone on to complete expeditions in Patagonia, Scotland, Iceland, across Europe, and New Zealand. 

Before We Start 

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Will Copestake 

Will is an inspiring adventurer and expedition leader. It was a pleasure to have him on the show. 

If you want to book your own canoe or kayak trip with him (like I currently am doing!) then you can follow the link here

Alternatively, keep up with his experiences and photography with his website Will Copestake Media or his Instagram


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