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October 28, 2020  

Ep.73 - Kayaking The Grand Canyon

October 28, 2020

Sleeping under the stars every night, paddling through multiple rapids a day and taking in the Grand Canyon through out. Doesn't sound bad does it? 

Peter joins us talk about his 14 day adventure paddling through this National Park. 

Recording at 7am my time, and coming from Hobart, Tasmania, Peter starts off talking about his background. Peter has been a paddler all of his life. 

Learning at school doing slalom canoeing, Peter then competed internationally in his twenties, finishing his competitive career at 32, and competed at the Olympics in Barcelona. 

Since then, he has done a lot of coaching and club based activities, moving to Tasmania for the rapids, away from the city. 

This isn't something he just decided to do one day though. 

You paddle the Grand Canyon between two dams over two nights, and go through 200 rapids across this time! 

Listen on as Peter discusses his time staring at the most beautiful night skies and paddles through the Grand Canyon. 


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