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October 17, 2020  

Ep.70 - Exploring Sri Lanka

October 17, 2020

Cory and Lianne spent some incredible time on a full 30 day visa in Sri Lanka. They explored the island and had some fantastic experiences on the island. Such a pleasure to have them on! 


In the middle of a long trip, with Nepal and India being a main focus, they decided to take a slower paced trip to Sri Lanka. 


Chatting Through The Highlights 


A month long spent anywhere is so much for one podcast. So, as hard as it is, they identify some of the key highlights and chat through. 


Arriving into Columbo, they comment how the city doesn't feel so overwhelming, with some modern vibes. But, it's not long before they head straight over to their first National Park. 


There is an abundance of wildlife on this island from elephants to leopards, and they even have an encounter with an elephant which you'll want to listen out for! 


"22 National Parks on this tiny little island, and they're all just so incredible!" 


Forever Break 


Cory and Lianne were such a pleasure to have on the show. Chatting about hiking, wildlife, National Parks and more was a brilliant way to spend some time before they shot off on a kayaking trip! 


Make sure you check out their podcast too! 


I want to listen, now! 


There were a couple of signal bits then snuck in, thanks lockdown! I hope you can forgive me for not getting those chopped out! 


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