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September 30, 2020  

Ep.65 - Climbing Aconcagua Solo

September 30, 2020


The Roof Of The Western Hemisphere 


Aconcagua reaches 6,962m into the sky. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Western hemisphere, and on the bucket list for many. For Alex, it was on his too. While in Argentina, he took the opportunity to head out and climb this peak. The episode includes brilliant information on permits, location, gear, and also on some smaller hikes before climbing the big one itself. 


Fantastic Foundations 


Alex bases himself in Wales where he has started his climbing career. Before that, he has been working 8 years in the outdoor industry. His experience includes being dropped off for an expedition in Svalbard - and it was this that encouraged him to organise things himself. 


Alex then organised his time to spend 6 months backpacking in Chile and Argentina, with the focus of reaching the highest point in the western hemisphere. 


Reaching The Roof 


Hear in this episode how Alex details getting the permit and got to the mountain. There are two routes to head to the summit: The Normal Route and The Vacas (Valley) Route


In this episode we discuss the Normal Route; it's better to have more people around when doing it solo... and the permit is cheaper! 


Having done smaller hikes in the region, Alex was already starting to feel acclimatised. Listen to the podcast to hear where, and find out why this came in incredibly useful! 


Alex spent a week hiking in the area before heading to Aconcagua, reaching 5954m as a highest point. With Aconcagua literally in sight, temptation was enough, and Alex headed the base camp. 




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