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June 24, 2020  

Ep.37 - Miss Rover Talks Solo Travel, PNW & More

June 24, 2020

Early Roots 

Melissa – or Miss Rover as she is now popularly known as – started in Michigan. With exposure to places like Niagra Falls as a kid, it’s no wonder she took a leap of faith as an adult. Packing her things and looking to escape into the world, Melissa took an epic roadtrip across the country and started travelling whilst working Occupational Therapist contracts. 

Hear in this podcast how Melissa has gone on to achieve and explore so much. Find out more about her mindset, history and her reasons for continually travelling. 

An Eclectic Background 

For those who don’t know, in her own words Melissa “dabbles in so much”. It’s hard to get a black and white description. Yet, it seems that she brings a well-needed positive outlook and take on everything she does. Coming from rural Michigan, Melissa has a Masters degree in Occupational therapy, a love of the outdoors and, arguably, a bigger love for conservation and protecting our nature. 

Since, as she says, ‘escaping Michigan’, Melissa has spent 3 years in Seattle, 5 months in Alaska and 4 months ongoing in California. Quite an eclectic habitat resume! She has ticked 17 US National Parks off of her list to complete all of them and has been across the globe from Costa Rica to Thailand. 

Hear in this interview how Melissa adapted to finding her true passions after already choosing a degree at 17. Melissa talks about her experience travelling across California, PNW, Alaska and more. 

We talk about travelling soloencouraging self-development through uncomfortable goals, doing more for conservation on our own trails and more! 

Miss Rover 

Melissa is a brilliant individual, who does so much for the outdoor community, climate, and more recently social justice alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. 

You can check out her blog hereher Instagram here, and her new YouTube channel here


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