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June 17, 2020  

Ep.35 - Exploring Tonga

June 17, 2020


We welcome Kate back to the show who spoke to us about Everest Base Camp. This time, she brings her first hand experience of Tonga to the show. An island located east of South East Asia and Australia, there's not much to be found on the internet. In this podcast, Kate shares so much great information, I know you'll enjoy it! 


Every now and then in this podcasts, a guest describes a moment that takes me away and makes me forget I'm meant to be hosting a podcast! Just like her trek to EBC, she does it again when describing - get ready for this - swimming with whales! Listen out for it, there's a certain element that made it extra magical.  


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Not Much Info 


One thing Kate often tries to do is complete these trips on a budget, and see how low she can get the price. 


The logic was that the locals aren't exactly spending thousands to survive there, so let's get out on to the islands and live on the budget! 


Although miles apart, this trip started off very similarly to her trip to Everest Base Camp. Kate knew that she wanted to go to some pacific islands, and Tonga had the cheapest flights! She had no expectations; only later found out that you can swim with humpback whales. 


There really isn't much information on this country online. Kate has one of the most extensive articles and information for Tonga, which you can find here. 


The Friendly Islands 


Kate's first experience of how lovely and friendly this island is was actually in the airport in New Zealand. Waiting alongside the Tonga Rugby Team, a lady sat next to her asking why she was planning on going to Tonga. Replying that she just wanted to go to Tonga - no friends or family there - the lady warned her "just try not to get married!"


An odd thing to be told, but as Kate travelled this beautiful country it became so clear why the lady had said this. The people are truly incredible, running on 'island time' in their relaxed and stunning land. It can be so easy to just decide to settle there. 


"If you need positivity, go to Tonga!" 


Island Hopping Itinerary 


As you would expect from a travel blogger, Kate holds back on no details, and provides brilliant information and visual language for her time here. 


After realising that the copious amount of help she was being offered by the locals was genuine, Kate started to settle in to the country and its way of life. 


Details on her blog and in the podcast is so much brilliant information and imagery. Kate has had some fantastic experiences here. 




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