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June 13, 2020  

Ep.34 - Lucy Shepherd Talks Jungles, Mountains & More

June 13, 2020

Lucy is an expedition leader with an incredible resume of journeys. Starting in Svalbard at 18, Lucy's highlights see her hiking in the Hardanger region of Norway and the Finnsmarkvidda Plateau in the arctic circle, and dove straight into the Amazon rainforest from University. In addition, she has mountaineered in Argentina and Tajikistan, scaled Denali, solo-hiked in Picos de Europa, led a team in the Patagonia Expedition Race and skied the Norwegian/Russian border alongside expeditions to Greenland. 

Lucy has also been to the High Sierra mountains in America and the Kanuka Mountains in Guayana, which I am happy to say we will be going to into more depth in 2 separate episodes!  

Exploring From A Young Age 

As a kid and only child, Lucy spent a lot of her time outdoors, roping her friends into exploring the outdoors with her. IT was early experiences from her home to Scotland that set some incredible foundations for her thriving career undertaking expeditions.  


Setting Up For Expeditions 

One of the many topics we chat about is preparation for expeditions. As someone who climbs Mont Blanc just for practice, Lucy chats about the different ways she prepares for her expeditions. She highlights the need also for your mindset to be correct, and explains how this comes with time spent in preparing and gaining experience. 

For me, the biggest form of this requirement for mindset is the jungle. We talk about the need for fantastic and well-disciplined personal admin. You need to be stringent and dedicated to survival there, as everything around you is essentially designed to kill you. 

Balancing Achievement And Escapism 

For Lucy, expeditions are exactly about this. When you escape from civilisation and push your own boundaries and edge out of your comfort zone, that is when you grow as a person. Lucy explains how it is absolutely about getting to the location and pushing yourself, but it's also about getting back! 

"I love escaping into a world where I feel very privileged to be there" 

Lucy Shepherd 

Lucy is a fantastic, humble, modest, and experienced adventurer and it was a pleasure having her on the podcast. 

You can check out her website here, or one of her YouTube videos below. 


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