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June 10, 2020  

Ep.33 - Hikes & Secret Beaches Across The Caribbean

June 10, 2020

We welcome Jamie and Skylar from Explorcation who took a cruise around the Caribbean and did something I haven’t seen before: used the cruise to rent cars on each island and carry out their own adventures, avoiding the coach excursions. 

Hear their journey of island hopping in a big way, and making the use of their times there well. From hiking mountains to discovering secret beaches, read on and listen below! 

Secret Beaches 

The first aspect that got my attention was the topic of secret beaches. I’m not much of a beach person myself, and it had never occurred to me to actually spend time researching quiet and ‘secret’ beaches before. 

A big fan of secluded areas, I was keen to learn of the areas to avoid overcrowding. Listen on in the podcast to find out more. 

Hiking In The Caribbean 

The second part to grab my attention was – of course – the hiking. There’s nothing huge in the way of altitude there, but you still get some epic hikes with stunning views. 

Specifically, I really enjoyed their time chatting to me about St. Lucia. There are two really great peaks there, and they clearly had an amazing time. 


Jamie and Skylar have a brilliant blog going. Along with their blog here, they have really been grinding hard to deliver some quality YouTube content too


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