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June 6, 2020  

Ep.32 - Exploring Nepal & The Annapurna Circuit

June 6, 2020

Visiting Nepal is high on everyone’s bucket list, especially mountain lovers! In this episode, James details trekking on the Annapurna Circuit but also exploring Nepal. There is a brief mention of Everest Base Camp and an experience with altitude, but we explore EBC a bit further with Kate

Listen on to hear about the Kophra Ridge circuit, an experience at Everest Base Camp, and his love end exploration of Nepal. 

If you missed it, James also did an episode on India with us, check it out here

The Kophra Ridge 

James straight away starts describing these beautiful lakes, with 7000m and 8000m peaks reflected in them. 

As James details following the stunning scenery up, and a stairway that looks as long as the one in Lord Of The Rings, 800-2000 he details the elevation on the route. 

Now, Everest Base Camp trek starts you at 2800m. This route to Annapurna, starts you at 800m. That’s some serious elevation. The stairs he just mentioned take you from 800m to 2000m in one go! 

It is a fantastic way to test if you can make it, and is in fact the hardest day in his opinion. 

Listen to the episode to find out more on the region and walk, and the difficulties that arise! 


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