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May 23, 2020  

Ep.28 - Roadtrip In Tasmania

May 23, 2020

The beautiful night sky, the people, and the landscape are just some of the major reasons to visit Tasmania. We touched upon it in our Australia Van Life episode. In this show we welcome Martina

In true classic way, Martina saw Tasmania on a map and decided to go and visit. Finding new people to travel with, she embarked on an epic roadtrip! 

We kick off the episode chatting about hiking, and it quickly becomes clear that this place is fantastic for laid back hill-walking, and strenuous but rewarding views. 

But Martina also dives into the backcountry aspect. Discussing some of the best spots, she also sees the beautiful clear sky and the milky way! 

Hear how Martina moves through her fantastic itinerary, providing her best tips along the way! 


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