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May 20, 2020  

Ep.27 - Solo Trekking To Everest Base Camp

May 20, 2020

21 beautiful days. That’s how long it took for Kate from Bags Always Packed to get to Everest Base Camp and back. What was incredible was how she did it. On a budget, last-minute, and solo. 

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Trekking To Everest Base Camp 

Before we start, feel free to click here to access Kate’s blog on solo trekking to Everest Base Camp. It includes everything you need to know, so I highly recommend having a browse of that and more on her website. 

What was fantastic about her trip, was the side-trip she took towards the end, and her finale. I’ll let you listen on, but it sounds just so stunning, and a perfect way to end her time there. 

After seeing the cheapest tour priced at around $3000, she figured this was definitely outside of a backpacker’s budget. 

So, her thoughts were that as she was exploring India and Nepal before this, she would meet a few others who wanted to take the pilgrimage. However, getting closer to the time frame there was still no-one headed that way. So, off Kate went by herself. 

And what a brilliant decision that was

I’ve spoken before how solo-travel is so important in regards to self-development and headspace. For Kate, she was already a strong and independent person, so heading out was no problem. You can hear this in how she tackled her trip to Tonga

The challenge didn’t seem overly ridiculous to her, and was on her bucket list. So, confronting where to stay, budget, altitude and the dodgy-yet-probably-fine flights to the start point, Kate cracked on and managed to complete the journey. 

Hear in this podcast how she did it, the route she took and the people she eventually met. Finally, hear about her majestic end to a wonderful three weeks. 


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