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May 10, 2020  

Ep.23 - Climbing Mount Baker With @SeekingTheNow

May 10, 2020

Liana, from @SeekingTheNow, is an incredible photographer and now mountaineer. 

Hear in this episode how she got into mountaineering and discovered her passion for the mountains as we take a trip down memory lane, climbing Mount Baker, Washington.  

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An Epic Opener 

I can relate hugely to Liana and I'm happily jealous of the mountaineering qualifications and experience she has gone on to get. 

Finishing off her course, they had to climb Mount Baker. Liana talks us through the course with the Washington Alpine Club. Learning a fantastic skill base, they set off to the mountain to complete the course. 

What is wholesome to hear is how her photography drive joined her on the course. While everyone was getting sleep for a summit push, Liana headed out for a spontaneous photoshoot with nature. 

Chasing Your Dreams - And Catching Them 

I think everyone can learn from Liana. This was terrifying to consider, but so exciting. What was originally a fear of climbing mountains, Liana took on the course she conquered it. She also continues to do so, and you can follow her on her Instagram 

Starting from day hikes - as most mountaineers perhaps do - Liana took the course to go further, knowing the end goal was Mount Baker. 

Liana asked herself what she would do and wanted to do, and went after it. In the process, she also developed an appreciate and love for her state, realising the beauty hours away from her. It sounds obvious, but perhaps so many of us can learn to look closer to home for natural wonder rather than the next country over and beyond. 

Hear in this episode how Liana acted on her love for the mountains, and her story on climbing Mount Baker. Liana is also a fantastic, brilliant, and incredibly skilled photographer. Consider checking out her prints for your own home or office here 


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