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October 1, 2021  

Kevin Merrey | Behind The Scenes Of Adventure | Ep.110

October 1, 2021

Kevin Merrey is the producer and founder of SkyRise Productions, a brilliant production company chucking out some of the best adventure content! 

In this episode, joining me from the back of his van in a layby in the South East of England before heading out on a cycle, we talk Through Kevin's own adventures, the projects he's been working on, and some of his own tales and hurdles when filming behind the scenes of adventure!

Check out Kevin's website, and do yourself a favour and follow him on Instagram - his most recent trip was stunning and I was so glad to be able to follow along via Instagram! 



This episode is also supported by the wonderful Sidetracked Magazine. Sidetracked is one of the greatest adventure publications blending beautiful imagery with captivating storytelling. Have a look at their magazine, weekly newsletter, and Creators Tour here: 


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