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May 29, 2021  

Jenny Tough | Exploring Mountains and Mindset | Ep.104

May 29, 2021

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Jenny Tough is an incredible and highly-respected member of the outdoors community. From exploring 3rd world cultures as a child, to cycling from Calgary to the Yukon, to running across a mountain range on every continent, we explore and discuss new questions and topics. 

The episode covers Jenny's early experiences and exposure to adventure, processing and managing adversity, the pull of solo expeditions and the discipline it gives you, finding the rewards from hard-pressed Type 2 moments, perusing maps, and so much more!

Jenny Tough

Jennywas a brilliant guest on the show and it came out as one of my favourite episodes to date.

If you don't already, then you must follow Jenny and her adventures on Instagram, which you can find here: @JennyTough

Jenny also has a YouTube channel and although she confesses to not updating it as much, here it is.


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