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February 19, 2021  

Ep.90 - The Road To Denali

February 19, 2021 

"The gold is not going to be sitting at home. The gold isn't going to be dreaming of far off places. The gold is going to be you putting your footprints on that snow" Ian Finch

I'm Chris, the host of Between The Mountains and I'm going to climb Denali in May 2023. 

Well, that kinds of feels like a white lie. There's still training to be had, money to save, sponsorship to acquire... but we'll get on to that. The main thing, is that my wording has changed.

For long enough I have kept talking about climbing Denali in hypotheses, in hopes, and in dreams. I've mentioned it in recordings with people like Jon Gupta and Renee Roaming, and outside of recordings like Ian Finch and Emily Scott (who's interview comes out next week). Now, I'm saying I'm going to, and since then I have literally dreamt that I have. May 2023, my 30th birthday present from me to me, I will climb Denali.

For you, the listener, this will be some of the best content yet. This sub-series will be focussed on providing you with value from experts on a wide range of topics from altitude and kit lists to winter camping and training - and everything in between.

I have been so excited to announce this, and I hope you enjoy this series, and spread the word!

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