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November 20, 2020  

Tim Howell | BASE Jumping and Travelling the World | Ep.77

November 20, 2020

Tim Howell has one of the most adrenaline filled histories from all of our interviews. Tim has wildlife guided in Africa, and then went on to join the Royal Marines. It was here as a Commando, that he developed his mental and physical robustness. He became Mountain Leader and has gone on to achieve so much more. Using this love and passion for the mountains and climbing, Tim did his first BASE jump in France, 2013. 

Having Tim on the podcast was such a pleasure. He has such a depth of experience, and you can follow along this journey by checking out his website here, or more actively on his Instagram or Facebook

Also, apologies for the slight internet quality on this episode. Hopefully it goes unnoticed. 

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