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October 3, 2020  

Ep.66 - Trekking A Christmas Tree To Trolltunga

October 3, 2020


Have you ever had a crazy vision that just seemed perhaps too funny to actually do, or you never get round to doing it? 


Covering the house in Christmas lights? Hiking a mountain in a onesie? How about trekking a Christmas tree 13km into the Norwegian mountains for a photo that you have envisioned. 


Well, Falke did just that. 


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A Yearly Tradition 


Falke's tradition starts with a popular hike: Kjeragbolten. He managed to trek his way there through the snow and ice for his first Christmas Tree photoshoot. His want for adventure and doing something new and not seen before comes from within his passion for photography. 


Falke had even planned to do the mighty Preikestolen, but someone managed to get there before him in 2018. Since then, he has always been one step ahead - and last year he managed to get the Christmas Tree to Trolltunga! This year? Well, you'll have to follow him on Facebook or Instagram to find out! 


Heading Into The Storm 


Falke details the kit you need to bring for this. Trolltunga is a fantastic hike. You can read more about this for a normal setting here. I wrote an article for Travel With Cooky all about Taking On Trolltunga (includes the YouTube video!). 


For this, however, things were a little different. During the hiking season and autumn you can do this in a day. For Falke, this was a multi-day expedition; 2 days out, and then waiting to set the tree up (scroll down to see video of high winds!). 


Trolltunga is on the edge of the Hardangervidda. In an incredible way, it essentially creates its own wind. Trolltunga sits down hill from the plateau, which means it can build to some huge intensity. Watching the footage make me realise just how lucky I was with my conditions for the hike. 


In true expedition format, Falke conducted some great research: check weather forecasts, chatting to local mountain rescue who know the terrain. He needed the snow to pull the tree on the sled. It's a different expedition altogether if he had to carry all of his kit on his back. 


Heading out to Odda and up to Skjeggedal the snow looked great... but the weather was taking a turn for the worse (remember that video I said to scroll to?). 


After getting a snowmobile ride to the top of the first hairpins, Falke and his friend got ready, and set out to Trolltunga. 


Click next picture for some epic storm winds!




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