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August 12, 2020  

Ep.51 - A Weekend At Mount Rainier National Park

August 12, 2020

Mount Rainier National Park - and the mountain itself for that matter - cover the internet with its wonderful scenery and that huge Mount Rainier dominating every shot. 

Melissa - otherwise known as Miss Rover - comes on the show to tell us about her time and a recommended itinerary at Mount Rainier National Park. 

If you haven't already heard her interview from the end of June, I recommend you check that out. Melissa is a brilliantly experienced individual in travel, and I really hope you enjoy the episode that includes some of the best viewpoints in the park!  

Mount Rainier National Park 

Melissa has gone multiple times in multiple seasons, and you can hear why. It's popular for a reason, and not just Mount Rainier. There are plenty of different mountains in the area. 

Melissa has her own blog on the location too, which you can read along with the podcast or just read on its own; its bloody good! 

Listening to Melissa talk about the views, hikes and routes and just her passion for the area is inspiring. The part I enjoyed most is where Melissa talks about doing an overnight hike on part of a massive 96 mile trail, taking you to a height of 25,000 feet. 

Miss Rover 

Melissa is a brilliant individual, who does so much for the outdoor community, climate, and more recently social justice alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. 

You can check out her blog hereher Instagram here, and her new YouTube channel here


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