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June 20, 2020  

Ep.36 - Exploring The Outdoors With DBE Podcast

June 20, 2020

Our upbringing plays such a huge role in who we become. It can either push us to become the opposite, or encourage to continue on and flourish from it. 

On this episode, we welcome Stevie G from Destinations Beyond Expectations podcast. His own show is so incredibly good, from fantastic guests, brilliant editing, and fascinating travel stories. 

We chatted with Steve about his outdoors experience from hiking in the European Alps with family, to exploring his home state Florida, and further into the US itself such as Yellowstone National Park.  

Students Of Travel 

A topic that strikes a chord with me is Stevie’s consistent remarks to ‘Students Of Travel’. A Student Of Travel is someone who learns, develops, and grows their knowledge and perception of the world through travel. 

This is something so important to me, and I’m sure to you all. Similar to how I love the mountains and how they put things in to perspective, we can all learn something from culture, to interactions, to ways-of-life from travel. 


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